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When trouble comes
I often forget to duck
You enter
And calm follows
You keep me warm
Like a blanket on a cold day
You have the answers
While I’m still floundering
You are my person
You are love.

Women are Women

Sitting in my living room the other morning, I got to wondering about women. I am one, and so is my wife. Now here is where we come to a squealing stop because there are people out there who would disagree with me. Why – because my spouse was born with male genitalia.

Today she is a woman who is beautiful and smart, and looked down upon by much of the population. This is something I truly do not understand. She isn’t better than cis women, nor is she below them. If a human being truly knows inside themselves that they are a certain gender but were born not of that gender, then they should be allowed and encouraged to be who they are.

Unfortunately cis women often condemn transwomen for “trying to pretend to be a woman.” They openly smirk or stare instead of being welcoming. Again, I don’t understand. Do they think it is just a man dressed up in a dress? Are they scared of something they don’t understand? If that is the case then we as allies of the trans community need to educate and help these women, born with ovaries, to understand.

You can’t tell me that a woman who has had a mastectomy, or a hysterectomy is no longer a woman; the same way you can’t tell me a person who is born presenting as a male but knows themselves to be female is no less a female.

These are challenging times that require open minds and open hearts. If we as women, all women, don’t band together as a cohesive group we will fall to the pathos and harshness of this patriarchal society we are living in.

Women need to put their fears aside and reach out to each other, because if we can’t support one another who will?

Local newspaper Article Lauds “Caught In Transition”

Cecilia Nasmith reported on the recent publication of Caught in Transition in this article. I was happy to sit down with her to help spread my understanding of life for couples where one person transitions. The local town has a population for about 16,000, so this kind of story is very new. The locality is recognized for its emphasis on well-being and feeling good, and giving this interview was a chance to help to nurture that open mindedness.

The article was well received. At first I was a little hesitant to become known in the local area. There has only been positive feedback, both for myself and Sheelagh. It’s so good to have the relief of being able to let go of the anxiety of being rejected en masse by the geographic community. And very affirming to be exposed to the kindness and appreciation of people in my area.



004(36)Please have a look around. Learn about my new book, “Caught in Transition”. I hope you like my website and find resources that will help you if you are also “Caught in Transition”.

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Killing Ignorance

Kill ignorance as it stands
Tall and righteous before you
Kill it with knowledge and kindness
Make it bleed and rot away
To be replaced
By peace and understanding
And it is then
We will stand as one.