To get the book from Amazon:

It’s available through Chapters-Indigo in Canada, and Gardiner’s in the UK.

Transwhat? Confusing for you?

The story of my marriage to a gender-transitioned woman will help you.

Follow along and read all the extremely intimate details on this journey.

Go to Amazon now and buy Caught In Transition in electronic format.

It’s called Caught In Transition and you better prepare yourself because this book is awesome. Imagine your husband or wife coming home and telling you they have been living a lie all the years they have been with you. They are not really what they seem, for their gender is wrapped in the wrong body.

This is not fantasy or even a joke – the person who was my husband is now my wife.

Follow my story that outlines all the extremely intimate details and numerous operations during the years of transition.

You can benefit from this book and gain a greater understanding of the T in LGBT.

All you need is a computer to go to Amazon where you can buy the digital copy of Caught In Transition by Virginia Lee May. You can read it with the free Kindle app or any Kindle device.

You can also get this book as an Ibook for your Apple device, or to read on your Nook reader.

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